Welcome, I'm Dr. Pam Shervanick, one of the tribal creators of Syntropy Global.

In my career as a psychiatrist, so many wonderful people have sought my assistance initially believing the opposite of what was true about themselves. Innumerable people felt somehow unworthy or incapable of feeling good, healthy or loved. In my experience, many people feel powerless to change their beliefs and experiences about themselves and others, and thus unable to effect their personal realities. Guiding these wonderful souls to the realization that they decide who they get to be in mind, body and spirit is a rewarding experience, and my passion.

Everyone has the power to create the life they want, the reality they desire, by choice and by thought. It brings me such joy to participate in the beautiful process of beings uncovering their own empowering truths and strengths, and creating the lives they want. All people consist of a beautiful spirit on an adventure in human physical form, with the brain as a mechanical interface between the two.

Embrace this universal truth, and live your best life.


Enter 'Syntropy'.

Syntropy by definition is the tendency towards energy concentration, order, organization, and life. Syntropy is the opposite of Entropy; a lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.

'Syntropy Global' is what we call our organization.


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Begin your healing, begin your new life


Syntropy Global is a healing and educational center based in Southern Maine that provides both on-line and in person educational classes, seminars and retreats as well as on-site holistic healing modalities including individual and group gatherings, group meditations and various alternative therapies. 

Our focus is to bring to the world a community sanctuary that embraces and combines the body’s natural ability to heal itself, the scientific principles of energy and quantum physics and the empowerment of individuals to be accountable for their own bodies and lives, so that each person seeking such knowledge can live a quality filled life that also gives back to the greater whole.

Our mission is to teach others about the body's amazing abilities and grow the innate gifts that all individuals possess, while supporting them in living a rich, quality filled life. We intend to be an example of a new standard of integrity for business and personal life.

The demand for effective solutions for the exponentially growing health crises in our world is at an all time high.. Traditional western medicine has failed to provide tools and solutions that work. The isolation of individuals due to technology is also increasing and is a major cause of dysphoria and illness. The incidence of chronic and debilitating diseases including cancer and mental health problems are the highest they have ever been historically, and are only predicted to continue climbing at alarming rates. 

There is solid data on small communities of like-minded individuals alone, without any other interventions, healing and preventing diseases in the community members. Combining a healthy, loving community to connect people and support one another with holistic, alternative healing solutions that work is a niche that needs to be filled. Syntropy Global has been created to do just that.