Welcome to SYNTROPY


Syntropy is a beacon of light to all those who are seeking self empowerment, healing and community.


Our Mission


To teach people about the hidden treasures within themselves and outside of themselves, to free people of misperceptions of victimization and dependency, and to bring together people of like heart and mind to create powerful energetic forces that help each person, the community as a whole, and the world at large. 




Allowing for the creation of harmony within each being, fully aligned and balanced, is the essence of self-healing. Empowered by deep self-knowing, the self-healing community quiets and listens, sheds false beliefs of dependency, builds, and re-builds to align with its ever-changing essence, its truth.  Each diverse part, important.  Each voice, sharing a truth that’s needed to ultimately create and maintain harmony.  As Syntropy, we begin, hold space for, and embrace this ever-changing process.


Our Tribe


Dr. Pam Shervanick

Executive Catalyst

I'm Pam Shervanick. By formal training, I am a psychiatrist. I honor all who come to me seeking assistance on their journey. The illusion that a person is broken, or that they are victims to external circumstances, is where we begin our journey together. I am honored and humbled to guide each individual to their own personal truth... Read More

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Katherine Vilnrotter


I’m Katherine Vilnrotter. I believe that every person is important and has a voice to be heard. The stories we align ourselves with, determine our perceptions of ourselves, our situations, and others. The richer the story, the more useful tools it has to offer us on our journey. The beauty of a story is its fluidity; it is always changing, evolving, and transforming along with the characters it holds... Read More

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Bernd Krczal

Chief Angel

I'm Bernd Krczal. My background is business and though I've seen the corporate world too I have always been fascinated by startups. Wherever you are and whatever you do, when you notice that something doesn't run smoothly in this world it's up to you to decide... Read more