Potential healing modalities include uncovering specific vitamin and nutrient deficiencies in the physical body and making individual recommendations utilizing nutrition and supplements to reverse potential 'dis-ease' states, as well as life style guidance to assist in the transformation into a healthier being. In addition, guidance is offered in meditation techniques and the application of philosophical principles. Hypnosis, including past-life regression therapy, as well as neurofeedback and infrared light therapy, can also be incorporated into a person's healing journey, along with supportive inspiration, love and hope.


Personalized Treatment with Dr. Pam

"After curing my own chronic, 'incurable' illness, in addition to being a therapist and physician and helping people change their perspective on their psychiatric issues, I am compelled to help people suffering from chronic disease states, including cancers, find appropriate healing pathways and support them through a collaborative plan created in conjunction with each special person."


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Other offerings include live and online seminars and classes aimed to educate each individual to become their own healer and feel inspired to walk this path with confidence. These events are also designed to bring together people of like-mind. Great physical and mental health as a result of people living in loving, supportive and close-knit communities are historically documented as the  most health promoting force on this planet. Humans are energy beings that have additive power when put together in a positive way. Helping people of the same tribe find one another on this planet is a large part of our mission.


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