I'm Dr. Pam Shervanick. By formal training, I am a psychiatrist. I honor all who come to me seeking assistance on their journey. The illusion that a person is broken, or that they are victims to external circumstances, is where we begin our journey together. I am honored and humbled to guide each individual to their own personal truth. Within that truth lies mental and physical health and balance, peace and contentment. One can deepen or even find a joy for living as they connect with the essence of who they are meant to be, and learn or believe in the gifts bestowed upon them in this lifetime.

After having cured my own chronic, 'incurable' illness, in addition to being a therapist and helping people with other psychiatric issues, I am compelled to help individuals with chronic disease, including cancers, find appropriate alternative healing pathways and support them through a collaborative plan created by myself and the patient.




As an integrative psychiatrist dedicated to natural healing, I do not prescribe psychiatric medications, with the exception of assisting people in safely and slowly weaning off of their current psychiatric medications. Prior to the execution of the proposed medication changes, I address any existing nutritional issues and needs, as well as find appropriate modalities and practices for you to get in touch with your inner self. This allows you to build physical and mental strength and gradually improve your physical and mental state during the change, rather than suffer and worry. Ultimately, you will learn to independently institute good mental and physical well being over time for yourself.

With my unique mind-body-spirit approach to healing, I empower you to see your differences as gifts, supporting you to embrace your true self and create a life that you are in love with. I also provide education regarding the toxicity of pharmaceuticals and reveal the potential hidden dangers in the current paradigm of Western Medicine. In the context of this approach, I show you how your underlying beliefs (both conscious and subconscious) create your reality. I also help you understand that if you believe you are broken, your brain and body will obey. Undoing this pathological programming comprises a large part of the work that we do together. Overtime you will not only believe these new things about yourself, but you will feel and live them every day.




I teach you how to see through "healthy" trends that are not, in fact, healthy and guide you to a real nutritional path to health through education, emotional support and an easy -to-follow guide to transform ingrained eating habits.

I also identify any current underlying nutritional deficits and prescribe a personalized combination of potential supplements, herbs, diet and life style changes to address and reverse any issues.  The correction of these microbiological elements institutes healthy epigenetic, permanent changes that will improve how you think, feel and embrace your life on a daily basis.


Hypnosis, Neurofeedback and Infrared Therapies


Tools are necessary to reprogram the subconscious and the autonomic nervous system to change epigenetics, and hypnosis is a very effective tool in this work. Recorded guided hypnosis meditation and affirmations assist in the flooding of the brain necessary to transform a person’s belief system and their reality.  For some clients, Past-Life Therapy can also allow for healing in a person’s auric field, both physically and mentally. This type of therapeutic modality also significantly speeds up your ability to change your epigenetics and your life.




Meditation is one of the most profound and effective ways to change the subconscious and your epigenetics. As a student of Dr. Joe Dispenza, I have seen this modality powerfully alter the physical and mental self as well as transform reality for more people than I could count. There are many ways to meditate, and I am dedicated to finding one that works for you, even if you currently hold the belief that you are unable to meditate.


Session Rates & LOCATIONS


What to expect

In a session, we will work together from a safe and compassionate space, and plan your transformation to the YOU of your dreams. After defining your goals and preferences and examining your current lifestyle and connection with your true self, we will begin the journey together.



Sessions range from 30 to 90 minutes, at a rate of $260 per hour. We do not accept insurance.



Sessions are offered in-person at our base location in Portland, Maine or remotely by phone via Telepsychiatry.