Aligning the Mind, Body & Spirit


Dis-ease is incoherence, and incoherence is all around us.  We all live in a world today where everything is fractured and disjointed.  Very few of us have a good sense of community or wholeness in most facets of our daily lives.  It is no wonder why the incidence of disease states, including depression and suicide, continue to skyrocket.  What is really going on? 

We lack coherence.  Coherence is resonance.  When things resonate with us, we feel good.  On the cellular level, when every element of a cell is vibrating at the same wavelength, together, the cells of your body act as a whole.  And as a whole, you feel good because the signals in your body are simplified and streamlined and all energy and signals flow easily, allowing the brain and the body to produce more health.  When we have incoherence, there are excessive amounts of signals all over each cell, in between cells, and there is no communication between groups of cells.  This is like watching TV and switching the channels so rapidly that you have no idea what any of the programming actually is. 

Thank you Dr. Joe Dispenza

Traditional Western Medicine only focuses on the body.  Aligning the Mind, Body and Spirit operates the same way as the cells in your body.  They are three pieces of a whole.  You cannot change only one element and expect to be healthy.  Wholeness is health.  That is why it is imperative to approach feeling good and being healthy by attending to all of these elements.

Thank you Kryon and Lee Carrol