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Integrative Psychiatry with Dr. Pam Shervanick

Pam’s modalities include uncovering specific vitamin and nutrient deficiencies in the physical body with targeted supplemental replacement to reverse dis-ease states, and nutritional, food choice and lifestyle guidance to transform the daily essence of the physical and mental self.  Also, meditation techniques and philosophies, as well as past-life regression therapy and other hypnotic methods to find internal guidance on this path, along with supportive inspiration and love, are all tools that I use when working with you... Learn more about Dr. Pam

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Human Givens Approach

The Human Givens Approach is a set of organizing ideas that provide a holistic, scientific framework for understanding the way that human beings and society work. This framework encompasses the latest scientific understandings from neurobiology and psychology, as well as ancient wisdom and new insights gleaned from original research.

At its core is a highly empowering idea – that human beings, like all organic beings, come into this world with a set of physical and emotional needs. If those needs are met appropriately and in balance, it is not possible to be mentally ill. It is just not possible.  Katherine uses the Human Givens Approach to help guide and empower you to meet your needs in healthy and balanced ways... Learn more about the Human Givens Approach

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Energy and Sound Therapy

Energy therapy is the intentional focusing of our personal and ambient energy that is all around us for the benefit of any living being. When the energy channels in our bodies are blocked and not flowing freely, it is difficult for the body and all of its systems to function at their highest potential.  Sound amplifies the intensity and flow of this energy, thereby increasing its therapeutic effects. Energy Sound Therapy decreases energy blockages and increases the energy flow required for overall balance, creativity, physical health, mental well being, and peace.

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Neurofeedback and Infrared Therapy: What is a PSiO?

Only five percent of your brain is part of your conscious awareness.  This means that you are completely unaware of 95% of your mental processing at all times. Your subconscious is programed between six months in utero and six years of age. Essentially, this programs a “tape” of messages that are heard in our heads about our environment, our feelings and relationships during our waking hours.  The only way to change the “tape” that has programmed us to feel like we are a certain person with a unique personality and respond to the world in a specific way, is to access the subconscious mind.

One great way to do this is through meditation. However, many people feel that they either don’t have the discipline to meditate or the ability to stay still and not respond to the subconscious tape that would only be magnified when they sat quietly in an attempt to quiet their minds. 

Hypnotherapy, binaural beats (frequencies of sound that alter brain waves) and affirmations while we sleep or are in a meditative state all profoundly alter our subconscious.  The programs that the PSIO offers utilize all these modalities so well, and with appropriate music and/or soothing voices, brain wave changes are immediate.  One can experience within a short period of time relief from a stressful physiological state and come out relaxed.  In addition, with frequent repetition, those changes can make permanent physiological and chemical alterations that actually change that 95% of the cortex.  Regular use of this device and its programs can mean drastic positive outcomes in the everyday lives of the people who commit to using the PSIO.  Improvements in health, wealth, self-confidence and the maximization of life enhancing behaviors can become reality... Learn more about the PSiO

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