Pinus Cembra Fragrance Globe - Fragrance Refill

Pinus Cembra Fragrance Globe - Fragrance Refill

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These vaporizers made from Pinus Cembra Pine also known as Swiss Stone Pine wood, fit beautifully into every room. There are two different shapes available - globe shaped and oval shaped. The Fragrance Pine and Fragrance Pine XL are oval shaped whereas the Fragrance Globe is a sphere. 

By placing the essential oil onto the pine shavings the aroma of the Pinus Cembra Pine brings Nature into your home, having a soothing, relaxing effect and giving you strength and energy. It is especially recommended in case of a cold or respiratory problems. Pinus Cembra essential oil neutralizes odors from the kitchen, cigarette smoke, bathrooms, anywhere that you desire a clearer smell.

All options Include 10 ml of Pinus Cembra essential oil and Pinus Cembra shavings.

Use - Put the attached shavings of the Swiss Stone Pine into the vaporizer hole, and pour 5-10 drops of the Swiss Stone Pine essential oil on them.

Weight - NA

Volume of Oil - 10 ml