Pinus Cembra Fragrance Globe

Pinus Cembra Fragrance Globe


Give yourself the gift of Relaxing into Nature

We are very pleased to offer Nature’s Design’s line of products created from Pinus Cembra, more commonly known as Swiss Stone Pine.

The wood of the Swiss Stone Pine contains volatile essential oils which, when diffused into the air, have a beneficial effect on the body, mind and spirit.

With the pleasant and refreshing scent of the Swiss Pine essential oils, breathing and relaxation are deepened, creating a feeling of being in the woods, a deep connection with Nature. This earthy, yet stimulating fragrance enhances the feelings of safety and being at home, and supports a deep, restful sleep for the body to relax and regenerate.

The benefits of using the wood and essential oils of the Swiss Stone Pine have been known for centuries, and have recently been scientifically verified.*

*Joanneum research, Institut für nichtinvasive diagnostik, Weiz, Austria, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Maximilian Moser

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These vaporizers made from Pinus Cembra Pine also known as Swiss Stone Pine wood, fit beautifully into every room. There are two different shapes available - globe shaped and oval shaped. The Fragrance Pine and Fragrance Pine XL are oval shaped whereas the Fragrance Globe is a sphere. 

By placing the essential oil onto the pine shavings the aroma of the Pinus Cembra Pine brings Nature into your home, having a soothing, relaxing effect and giving you strength and energy. It is especially recommended in case of a cold or respiratory problems. Pinus Cembra essential oil neutralizes odors from the kitchen, cigarette smoke, bathrooms, anywhere that you desire a clearer smell.

All options Include 10 ml of Pinus Cembra essential oil and Pinus Cembra shavings.

Use - Put the attached shavings of the Swiss Stone Pine into the vaporizer hole, and pour 5-10 drops of the Swiss Stone Pine essential oil on them.

Weight - NA

Volume - 10 ml