Pinus Cembra Essential Oil - 10 ml

Pinus Cembra Essential Oil - 10 ml

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With the pleasant and refreshing scent of the essential oils from the Pinus Cembra Pine, as known as Swiss Stone Pine, breathing and relaxation are deepened, and there is even a feeling like being in the woods, in connection with the natural world. This earthy yet stimulating fragrance enhances the feelings of safety and being at home, and supports a deep, restful sleep for the body to relax and regenerate.

The Pinus Cembra Pine has a fresh and woody fragrance. Its scent smells like a combination of pine, lemon, lime myrtle, vanilla and soft wood.

Benefits Of The Using Swiss Stone Pine Essential Oil

Quality sleep

Scientific research has shown that the Pinus Cembra Pine essential oil has a beneficial effect on sleep. Study participants who used this fragrance during periods of sleep fell asleep faster and awoke feeling more rested.

“Pinus Cembra Pine improves the quality of our sleep – we fell asleep faster, and slept better.”

We sleep one third of our life. Good-quality sleep is of crucial importance for our health, well being and our ability to work more successfully.

The World health organization (WHO) lists sleep disorders as one of the major health challenges of the next 50 years.

A More Relaxed Heart

The heart muscle is a working non-stop from our birth to our death. By using products from the Pinus Cembra Pine, we can give our heart a bit of relaxation.

The fragrance of the Pinus Cembra Pine actually slows the heart rate down. It saves up to 3,500 beats per day*, which means that the heart may rest one hour per day. Thus, by utilizing this fragrance, the heart may rest as much as 15 days a year.

Supporting Healthy lungs

Pinus Cembra Pine essential oils are antiseptic in nature. They clean the air we breathe and fill it with the natural fragrance of the Pinus CembraPine. The vapors penetrate deep into the lungs, and breathing becomes easier. It can be helpful with breathing problems, soothing the symptoms of a cold and flu, smoker’s cough and sinus infections.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Pinus Cembra Pine essential oils reduces the effects of stress and anxiety, and thus improves our mood and well-being*.

People living in the different regions of the Alps have recognized the beauty and usefulness of the Pinus Cembra Pine tree for centuries. Traditional wisdom surrounding this tree points to its beneficial effects on relaxation, sleep and recovery, and for these reasons the wood has been used in the manufacture of beds, baby cribs and other bedroom furniture. In Europe, the wood is used on bedroom ceilings to promote well being within the room.

Supports the Environment of Your Home

Pinus Cembra Pine products bring the beautiful, natural fragrance of the woods inside and help to eliminate stale food odors. This pleasant fragrance repels insects and moths, and fills your home with fresh, revitalizing energy.

* Joanneum Research, Institut für nichtinvasive diagnostik, Weiz, Austria, univ.-Prof. dr. Maximilian Moser

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