Sing. Your. Joy!

JOY:  The feeling and emotion of pure, authentic expression of Self in pure and full connection with all that is

HARMONICS:  A series of resonant frequencies or vibrations connected through infinite dimensions, scales, planes and octaves of nature


DATE: TBD - usually Sunday afternoons, email me at if you want to be on the JOY HARMONICS mailing list to receive meeting details!

LOCATION: TBD - any suggestions?! We are always looking for beautiful, peaceful nature nooks to honor!

TIME: Usually 3PM-4PM, but subject to change based on situation and location!

BRING: Your beautiful self! Your beautiful voice! and anything you wish to bring for the Earth Alter!



Our first meeting was on 9/01/19 at Trundy Beach, Cape Elizabeth!

We are a group of people who meet in nature in and around Portland, Maine to explore the power of sound! We do this through connecting with our own energetic systems and the energies in our environment and expressing whatever needs to be expressed, in community. In community with our fellow humans, the trees, sky, rocks and seas! By giving voice to the beautiful energetic systems that surround us, we honor them, and in doing so we amplify their power!

All are welcome to join us in this beautiful communion!!

Visit the Joy Harmonics website to listen to the sounds and feel the vibrations of previous groups!