Sanctuary Sterling Silver Pendant

Sanctuary Sterling Silver Pendant



18“ Horizontal Pendant

18“ Vertical Pendant

24” Vertical Pendant

32” Vertical Pendant

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NEW! Sanctuary Pendant

Our new version of the Sanctuary Pendant has an additional “Power Pendant”, which is designed to lie at the back of the neck. The two pendants work together to create an additional level of protective strength. The new Sanctuary Pendant was made available September 25th, 2018.

Wearing a Sanctuary Pendant is one of the most comfortable ways to stay EMF and Wi-Fi protected on the go. They are lightweight, and they hang easily around your neck. All of our Sanctuary products have been designed with durability in mind, and they are also 100% waterproof, so you can wear yours 24-hours a day if you like! Sanctuary II Technology is EarthCalm's most powerful level of wearable EMF protection to date. Now you can feel much safer as you move about in the world.

Please note: EarthCalm Sanctuary Anklets are currently unavailable.

Product Adaptation

Those who are electrosensitive many times need to adapt to our TECHNOLOGY slowly. While many feel the benefit of our protection right away, others experience symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, or nausea before their state of health begins to improve. This is the reason why we highly recommend installing our INFINITY HOME SYSTEM as a very first measure of EMF and Wi-Fi protection. The Home System consists of four separate Phases that can be added slowly, over the course of days, or even weeks, allowing everyone to adapt to the technology comfortably. If you don't have a Home System installed yet, you can still wear a Sanctuary Pendant, but we recommend wearing it in intervals, so you can adjust to its strength without any discomfort.

Are you new to EarthCalm technology?

People who are generally healthy, and not suffering from symptoms of electrosensitivity, usually adapt to our TECHNOLOGY with ease. However, people who are electrosensitive will occasionally experience negative symptoms when beginning to use our products. These symptoms usually include things like temporary light-headedness, nausea, fatigue, and/ or restlessness. We see these types of negative reactions as an “electromagnetic detox”, an adjustment to the relief of an otherwise constant physical stressor.  We have found, however, that symptoms of detox can be avoided if our products are introduced in stages, allowing time for the body to fully adapt. 

Starting with the Sanctuary Pendant?

If you are new to our products, and beginning with the Sanctuary Pendant, we recommend that you begin by wearing it in short intervals of time at first. Try wearing it for an hour, and taking it off for two to three hours, noting how you are feeling. Repeat this throughout the first day that you use it. On the second day, if you are feeling comfortable, leave it on all day if you like. If you have any symptoms of discomfort, however, continue to remove it in intervals until you feel fully adjusted. Most people who experience symptoms of detox feel better within one to two days.

The Best Way to Begin

There are many people who buy our products without realizing they are electrosensitive, and it is surprising to them when they have detox symptoms. In consideration of those that are sensitive, we designed our INFINITY HOME SYSTEM to be introduced in four separate Phases, which allows everyone the ability to increase the strength of their system at their own pace. We recommend that everyone who is new to our technology begin with the Home System, for the best possible adaptation. 

Are you Electrosensitive?

If you already know that you are electrosensitive before using our products, we highly suggest that you take note of any symptoms that you are experiencing both before and during your adaptation period. Include timings if possible. This is especially helpful when discussing your experience with our customer service representatives. It is important that you move at your own pace during the adaptation period. Remember, EarthCalm has a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee specifically to allow for this!