THANK YOU Baby Bottle (10 oz) - Standard - Complete Bottle

THANK YOU Baby Bottle (10 oz) - Standard - Complete Bottle


A series of one-of-a-kind water bottles, green and safe.

The Lagoena bottle has been a smashing hit since its introduction.

And now there is the brand new series of bottles under the new Thank You brand. It consists of a 17 oz and 24 oz size bottle, a 10 oz bottle for hot beverages, and –can you believe it– a 10 oz baby bottle. The name ‘Thank You’ was chosen by the manufacturer to emphasize the gratitude for these, all green, 100% recyclable products, that could put a dent in the waste of plastic water bottles, polluting the oceans.

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A 100% natural materials (no plastic) hot or cold bottle with the words “Thank You” (Gratitude to the Water) on the bottom, to deliver structured formula, milk, juice and water to your baby.

From the Very Beginning….

Provide your child with restructured water, formula, milk, and juice. Yes, plastic baby bottles are a “dime a dozen”, but they are plastic and have all the characteristics of plastic that you yourself do not like…taste, vibration and possible contamination.

The Thank You Baby Bottle is the best choice for health, and environmentally-conscious parents who wish to embrace these values with their children. Additional bottles without the cork are available for purchase in sets of two. This is a high quality bottle that can be sterilized through boiling at 100°C (212°F), thus ensuring perfect hygiene for your baby.

The return of the classic glass baby bottle is here. Now with the unique new benefit of Golden Ratio Design restructuring the water in every liquid that you give your child.

Additional Information

Weight - 1.0 lbs

Capacity - 0.3L / 10 oz.

Height - 6 inches

Diameter - 2.8 inches

Production - Machine-made

Material - The bottle is made of heat resistant 40% lead-free recycled white glass and 60% quartz sand, suitable to withstand temperatures up to 100°C / 212° F . The protective cork sleeve is made of granulated cork bark waste and the rubber rings are made of a natural caoutchouc compound.
The protective cover and screw cap are made of stainless steel.
The latex nipple is made of natural rubber.