The Healing Power of TRIBES

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My traditional doctor’s training originally created a very narrow scope through which to see an individual’s ailments and how they should be addressed.  In our modern world today, many people accept that my training was appropriate and useful. A good physician is the key to getting better, or so we are led to believe.
I used to practice under the dogma of the traditional medical model.  After years of doing this and after navigating my own personal health journey, it is obvious to me that we have been led astray.
Each human being is not a separate machine to be fixed. No one is actually broken. Programmed within the human body lies the potential for disease, as well as the potential for perfect health.  So, if disease (dis-ease) presents itself, we need to ask, “What is the message my body is sending me?” 
There are many factors in our world today that are chaotic and contribute to our feeling overwhelmed.  Instead of focusing on how to “fix” or “combat” what we perceive as a particular problem going on in the world around us, a shift in perception can produce effective solutions.  The principles of Quantum Physics show us the way to change the things outside of ourselves is to first make changes within ourselves. 
There are many variables promoting health that are external to us. The need to belong, although an internal need, requires others in one’s environment to perform this act. (Please remember that you must accept and unconditionally love yourself before anyone else can.) A tribe of resonant, loving, accepting and like-minded individuals promotes health on multiple physical and emotional levels for all involved.  This is the stuff that changes the expression of our genetics.  This is the “magic sauce”.  Simply put, a resonant community is deeply healing.
It takes a village.  This saying holds profound meaning.  What is it that occurs when like hearted and minded people come together and unconditionally love and support one another without judgement? Why is it even stronger when the group is physically sharing the same space and sharing the burden as well as the joys of life? Why does this transform genetic expression into a healthy state? It’s because the human being’s “machine” is architecturally designed to thrive within a group.  We simply are not constructed to effectively operate alone.
Humans are vibrating electromagnetic energy bodies.  We attract the same vibration that we operate at.  When more than one person gathers with mindful cooperation and holds the intention of a high vibration, healthy and contented living result. These communities create healthy and resonant people made of healthy and resonant cells. Coherence, being in sync in a group, enhances our resonance, our power, and our ability to energetically expand….it empowers us on multiple levels.
The medical model has actually “proven” this through decades of research.  In small Mediterranean villages, heart disease has been studied over and over again. Why do these communities have little to no heart disease? Regardless of how much wine is consumed, or how many cigars are communally smoked, the population in small, close knit villages always shows itself to be health promoting.  Is it really just the diet? The Mediterranean diet is filled with healthy medium chained triglycerides and low carbohydrates, but the people in these villages still smoke and drink and do things that should turn out to be dis-ease promoting.  Their secret to health lies in their resonance as a supportive, collective whole. They are in essence, their own collective healthy “heart”.  This is profoundly healing to all involved.
Effective solutions to problems are always simple. This principle is known as Akham’s Razor.  Simply put, humans are biological pack animals.  We need our cells to resonate with our kind in a physical shared existence. We are not snakes. We are not reptilian.
Insecurity and isolation are powerful biproducts of our current culture.  Marginalizing individuals is the key to breaking down our inherent group power to thrive.  We all become what we surround ourselves with.  We are all mirrors of one another.  Surround yourself with those who love you and accept you and see your true essence, and you will blossom like a flower in springtime.
Remember your gifts.  Know that mental illness is a made-up construct, created to disempower the individual.  Now is a beautiful time to come together, with loving intention, to empower one another and transform our lives.  This is why we created Syntropy.  We are so glad you are here.
 “Live together, die alone.”  Jack Shephard, Lost.